Global Footprints

To evaluate system reliability assessment techniques and develop improved practices for data acquisition and distribution network protection system.

Advisory Services for System Improvement, Due-Diligence, Bid Management & Financing Plan, Preparation of Business Plan and Technical and Commercial Proposal Management

Advisory services to examine the current organizational structure of the Transmission and Distribution by providing practical recommendations for performance improvement

Preparation of Least Cost Geospatial Electrification Plan for Mozambique towards Universal Electrification Plan

ABUJA – Advisory services on Corporate Restructuring of generation and distribution sub-sectors of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN)

BENIN – Technical & Management Service provider for transaction advisory, pre and post-acquisition support of privatized distribution company of 

JOS – Technical & Management Strategy Service Provider for the overall objective of improving performance of Jos Discom by framing framework to reduce aggregate technical, commercial and collection losses

KADUNA – Technical & Management Service provider for uplifting the overall performance of Kaduna Discom by handholding the Discom to take interventions for reducing aggregate technical, commercial and collection losses

KANO – Technical & Management Service Provider for the overall objective of improving performance of Kano Discom by framing model to reduce aggregate technical, commercial and collection losses.

LAGOS – Technical & Management Service Provider for uplifting the overall performance of EKo Discom by handholding the Discom to take interventions for reducing aggregate technical, commercial and collection losses

Development of Strategic National Electrification Plan and Investment analysis to undertake the grid connected and off grid projects by improving Energy Access for Energy Development Corporation Limited.

Project Management and Operation Support for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) implementation

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Analytics Guidance Study for South Asian Power Distribution Utilities

Consultancy services for Operational Efficiency study on the Swaziland Electricity Company (SEC)

Study on Commercial and Distribution operations like New Customer connections, system losses, distribution operation & maintenance costs, and quality & reliability of services of UMEME for Electricity Regulatory Authority. Study on Loss Reduction Programme for UMEME.

Capacity building in assessment of losses, identification of their sources and evaluation and implementation of loss reduction measures.

Capacity Building program on best practices in Operation & Maintenance for Zanzibar Electricity Corporation (ZECO)

National Footprints

• PIA Strengthening of Distribution Network (IPDS & RAPDRP)
• SCADA Consultancy (RAPDRP)

• Smart Grid Pilot (NSGM)
• Project Management of Distribution Network (3 Assignments)
• LED Street Lights – Project Management and Annual Maintenance
• IT Consultancy (R- APDRP)

• LED Street Lights – Project Management and Annual Maintenance
• SCADA Consultancy (RAPDRP)

• LED Street Lights – Project Management and Annual Maintenance (North MCD)
• Lighting President Estate (508 KW Rooftop Solar)
• Formulating Strategy/ institutional framework for Open Access & renewable integration
• Feasibility Study & Installation of twelve 1 KWp Solar plant at NDMC

• Supply, Implement, Operate and Maintenance Power Management Solution
• DPR Preparation & Project Management (NEF)
• AMI Advisory for DHBVN (World Bank)
• Consultancy for Distribution Retail & Supply Functions
• IT Consultancy (RAPDRP and Non-RAPDRP)
• SCADA Consultancy (RAPDRP)
• Consultancy to establish Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
• Consultancy on Solar PV System to Chhotu Ram Technical University, Haryana.
• Diagnostic study for Energy Audit, Load Management and Power procurement Practices
• DPR Preparation and Load Flow Study for Kurukshetra and Kaithal Region

• LED Street Lights – Project Management and Annual Maintenance
• Renewable Energy Integration for RREC (ADB)

• Advisory Services for GIS & CRM Implementation (TATA Power)

• DPR Preparation & Project Management (DDUGJY and IPDS)
• SCADA Consultancy (RAPDRP)

• Consultancy services for setting up SAP Criteria

• IT Implementation Works (RAPDRP Part A)
• DPR Preparation & Project Management (RAPDRP)

• DPR Preparation & Project Management (NEF, DDUGJY and IPDS)
• LED Street Lights – Project Management and Annual Maintenance
• IT Consultancy (RAPDRP & IPDS)
• Advisory Services for Performance Improvement of CSEB successor Entities

• Sarthi – Energy Audit & Analysis and IT Support Services (5 discoms)
• Project Management Services (Saubhagaya) for MVVNL
• DPR Preparation & Project Management (DDUGJY and IPDS) for PVVNL
• Project Management for 21 districts (RGGVY) for DVVNL
• AMR Reading, Billing & Data Analysis on Cloud – PVVNL
• Project Management (RAPDRP) for Lucknow & Ferozabad Town
• DPR Preparation and Project Management for Distribution Networks (DVVNL)
• SCADA Consultancy (RAPDRP)
• Call Centre and consumer care centre consultancy for deployment of CRM

• Project Management Services (DDUGJY and IPDS) for all 5 DISCOMs

• IT & Smart Grid Roadmap

• DPR Preparation & Project Management (DDUGJY & IPDS)

• LED Street Lights – Project Management and Annual Maintenance

• Capacity Building on O&M

• Capacity Building NER Power Sector Improvement Project

• Project Management for Puri (OPTCL)
• IT Consultancy (RAPDRP and IPDS)
• SCADA Consultancy (RAPDRP)
• Project Management for implementation of capital investment schemes for network improvement and system

• Project Management (DDUGJY)
• LED Street Lights – Project Management and Annual Maintenance
• SCADA/DMS Consultancy (RAPDRP and JSBAY)
• IT Project Management Unit
• SMAST & Smart grid Roadmap (JUSNL)

Rural electrification of 1058 off-grid villages by installing 300 Wp solar power packs

Business Process Re-engineering in Assam State

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