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CSR: Tata Power-DDL distributes 1000 Tablets in Delhi Govt. Schools

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In a bid to make online classes accessible to all students, Tata Power-DDL, a leading power utility supplying electricity to a populace of 7 million in North and North-West Delhi, distributed 1059 (e) Tablets to students today encouraging them to pursue their education without any hindrance during the ongoing pandemic.

The tabs were distributed at an event organized at Govt. Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, B(AH) Block, Shalimar Bagh in the presence of the Deputy Chief Minister, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Manish Sisodia, Ganesh Srinivasan, CEO, Tata Power-DDL, Senior Officials of Directorate of Education along with few students and company officials, strictly in adherence with the Covid-19 safety guidelines.

This initiative has been taken under the company’s Saathi program, wherein it has been providing educational support to school students with the aim of empowering students for a brighter future.

Ganesh Srinivasan, CEO, Tata Power-DDL expressed, ‘‘Education is one of the most important pillars of our CSR program. Through this initiative, we aim to help students cope with the challenges of availability of digital equipment and enable them to smoothly enter the realm of online education (e-learning), especially for those who do not have access to smartphones or laptops during the ongoing pandemic. We hope this initiative will empower these students by providing them access to an entire ecosystem of e-education.”

Under its Saathi (CSR) program, Tata Power-DDL has been supporting students of classes X, XI and XII from 52 Government Senior Secondary Schools every year in terms of study material, stationery etc. More than 6700 students including wards of Women Literacy Centres beneficiaries have been benefitted through this program. The company has also been supporting these students by organising personal training for personality development, interpersonal skills, career counselling and competency testing for students of classes X and XII.

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Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (Tata Power-DDL) is a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of NCT of Delhi with the majority stake being held by Tata Power Company (51%). Tata Power-DDL distributes electricity in North & North West parts of Delhi and serves a populace of 7 million. The company started operations on July 1, 2002 post the unbundling of the erstwhile Delhi Vidyut Board (DVB). With a registered consumer base of 1.8 million and a peak load of around 2106 MW, the company's operations span across an area of 510 sq. kms. Tata Power-DDL has been the front-runner in implementing power distribution reforms in the capital city and is acknowledged for its consumer friendly practices. Since privatization, the Aggregate Technical & Commercial (AT&C) losses in Tata Power-DDL areas have shown a record decline. AT&C loss is a measure of overall efficiency of the distribution business which is the difference between units input into the system and the units for which the payment is collected. Today, AT&C losses stand at 7.3 % which is an unprecedented reduction of around 84% from an opening loss level of 53% in July 2002.

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