Capacity Building

To support the reforms and driving change management initiatives through capacity building, TATA Power-DDL has set-up two state of Art training Centre- Centre for Power Efficiency in Distribution (CENPEID) & Distribution Operations & Safety Excellence Centre (DOSEC). DOSEC is focused to impart training on safety, CEA mandated modules on safety and training, technical and all other training programs are carried out by CENPEID.

TATA Power Delhi Distribution has an internal pool of 375+ faculties & Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and conducted approximately 58,500 training man – days in the last three years. The training campus is equipped with state- of- the- art technologies and is the hub of all the technological solutions in the power distribution domain.

The Learning Centre helps Discoms to learn & implement operational efficiency improvements through customized training programs as per need analysis, State-of-the-art laboratories with latest technology simulations including the Smart Grid Lab, Transformer Workshop, Meter Diagnostic Lab, SCADA Centre, Protection & Testing Lab, RMU  Workshop, AMR Diagnostic & Analysis Centre, Solar Plants, GIS Development & Analysis Centre and hands-on-training by experienced subject matter experts acts as a unique differentiator to the L&D excellence of Tata Power-DDL.

The programmes have been organised for delegates from countries like Afghanistan, Bhutan, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Gambia, Guyana, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, etc. and has trained hundreds of officials from foreign Utilities.

The campus is spread over 10-acres of land and houses centrally air-conditioned auditorium and classrooms. It also offers for its participants, guest rooms, sports room, TV room, inhouse dining facility and library.

Types of Trainings Imparted
  • International Training program
  • Competency based trainings
  • Practical technical training
  • Focused Group Trainings
  • External Training Programs
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Employee exchange programs
  • Theme based lectures
  • Training for promoted employees
  • Trainings for redeployed employees
  • Sponsorship & policy for higher education from national international universities
  • Sabbatical Policy
  • Guest lectures from eminent personalities and much more

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